Succession Planning and Talent Management

Succession Planning and Talent Management

Leadership Placements

As a strategic partner lead for Succession Planning and Talent Management, Whitley Academy, through Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance, is co-ordinating excellent CPD opportunities for leadership at a number of levels:

  • Existing members of senior team
  • Existing middle leaders
  • Aspirational leaders

One in four headteachers are eligible to retire in the next four years and the school system faces a succession challenge to secure enough high-quality Headteachers to replace them. 

Research demonstrates that the world’s highest performing education systems and companies effectively succession plan by having systematic talent management at their core.  The evidence in education shows that where talent management is well established across schools it both drives school improvement and attracts and retains the highest performing teachers.

Our approach to Succession Planning and Talent Management seeks to:

  • Develop headteachers to help meet local demand.
  • Take positive action to help diversify senior leadership and achieve representation of women and those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.
  • Put in place systematic processes to identify potential leadership talent; this could be at all levels but will require a keen focus on those leaders closest to headship and in the right areas / phases.
  • Put in place systematic talent management pathways that rotate and develop leadership talent within and across their schools.
  • Build strategic governance.
  • Measure and understand the success of our succession planning role.

Phase 1

Each headteacher nominates up to 2 senior leaders who would benefit from professional development support in another school and be able to add value from their own experience.

Each nominated leader identifies an aspect of leadership which they would like their one-week placement to focus.  This links to their own school’s improvement agenda but will also support their professional development.  As well as considering each leader’s development needs, the placement decision takes into account each leader’s strengths and specific expertise, helping to ensure that the host school will also gain from the experience thus facilitating an exchange of leadership expertise between schools.  Once a host is identified the visiting senior leader may be given a specific task or piece of research to carry out in his or her own school, which will be written up as a report to the school being visited.

This could be time negotiated but could be five days either consecutive or a day a week, at a host school as a member of their leadership group, focusing specifically on teaching and learning.  As well as involvement in leadership group meetings as part of the team, taking part in assemblies, paired lesson observations, interviews with a range of staff and observations of tutor time.

This will provide experience of different management and leadership styles, the sharing of best practice, improve outcomes and provide an opportunity to broaden leadership experience.

The time for an individual will be bespoke and agreed sensitively with protocols of operation across the schools.  It could be 5 days, pairing, it could be leaders, a career coach or headteacher work shadowing, all/any combination to suit the needs of the aspirant headteacher.

Whitley Academy (Kathryn Wright – Vice Principal) will broker the placement between schools, help produce a protocol for operation and produce a plan to support the actions. All initial requests will come to Carol Green, Teaching School Project Manager, Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance.

Phase 2

Sharing of experiences

A joint half day conference sharing experiences and learning will take place during the summer term 2014, inviting leaders and governors from schools participating.

If you feel you would like to host a leadership placement please click here to register your interest.

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