Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Our current offer of Leadership Development Programmes is listed below:

Primary Middle Leader Development

In addition we offer the following Leadership Development opportunities (these are also available as packages within our offer of school to school support):

School Visits

Come and see 'outstanding' in action through Castle Phoenix Alliance with an 'access all areas' visit. You and your team will be able to gain real insight into how schools achieve and maintain high standards, both strategically and operationally.

A tour of a school, focused learning walk(s), meeting staff and students, engaging with key leaders at all levels, 'Leadership insight' a selection of resourses.


A more individual, diagnostic approach, with detailed analysis and focused evaluation from our team. Surgeries can target any area of school leadership, around which you will receive a tailored programme to suit your school priorities.

A bespoke programme, according to individual need, coaching session(s) with identified leaders, professional, solution-based diaglogue, diagnostic assessment of issues/areas for development, a personalised evaluation report with key indicators for improvement.


External validation can cut the guesswork for you and your school. Let our experienced team support you in constructing an effective self-evaluation framework and enable you to shape leadership strategies for continued school development.

Access to experienced school leaders*, supported self-evaluation impact in key areas**, the tools to create a sustainable self-evaluation framework, all materials used to support the review, a detailed, purposeful evaluation report.

*Including a National Leader of Education, Specialist Leaders of Education and Local Leaders of Education.

**Such as: Leadership, Learning and Teaching, Effective Use of Data, Inclusion and Curriculum Creativity.


Our experienced and enthusiastic leaders offer a variety of different training opportunities, from workshops and development days, to bespoke training packages, expertly designed to meet your specific needs. Training can be on an individual, paired or group basis.

A varied menu of training situations, networking opportunities, input from Castle Phoenix leaders and associate trainers, a specialised 'Leadership Toolkit'

 What you can expect
  • Flexible access to high quality leadership led by accredited facilitators
  • Facilitation and coaching from nationally accredited facilitators and leaders of good and outstanding schools, including SLEs, LLEs and NLEs.
  • Challenging strategic projects via placements in exceptional schools
  • Opportunities for personal and group facilitated/peer leadership learning and development activity
  • A 'dedicated' personal mentor/coach throughout the programme
  • High quality materials and support
  • 'All the way' career support through and beyond the next stages of promotion

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