Castle Phoenix, through The Swan Alliance, is offering from September 2013 the nationally recognised Outstanding Teacher Programme© (OTP) and the Improving Teacher Programme© (ITP) by OLEVI (The International Centre for Leadership and Learning). These highly effective CPD programmes are delivered to eligible teaching staff by Castle Phoenix OLEVI trained and accredited facilitators.


The Outstanding Teacher Programme ©

The OTP, developed by OLEVI, is a highly successful programme of professional development designed for teachers who are currently ‘good’ or borderline ‘outstanding’ and have the capacity to develop their pedagogy to become consistently ‘outstanding’ teachers.

The programme consists of nine ‘taught’ sessions, where delegates are given the opportunity to trial and embed the key concepts of outstanding teaching within their own teaching practice. 

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The Improving Teacher Programme © 

The ITP, developed by OLEVI, is a highly effective programme designed with the aim of exploring and consolidating a consistently ‘good’ standard of teaching. The programme has an extremely successful track record of enabling teachers to become consistently ‘good’ or better in their daily practice. 

The programme consists of six ‘taught’ sessions, giving delegates the opportunity to underpin ‘good’ practice within their classrooms. Each session focuses on a specific aspect of learning and teaching, covering areas such as challenge and engagement, starters and plenaries, assessment, questioning and differentiation. 

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