Aspirant Deputy Heads and Headteachers

Secondary Aspirant Headteachers and Deputy Heads

Integrated Leadership

A programme for Aspirant Headteachers and Deputy Heads

Led by a range of experienced Heads and Deputy Heads from Coventry Schools

Programme Outline

This course emanates from the belief that leadership in schools is about delivering high quality provision for all through focusing on the following domains:

A) Demonstrating personal qualities
B) Working with others
C) Leading provision
D) Improving provision
E) Setting direction
F) Creating the vision
G) Delivering the strategy

Participants will develop a range of leadership behaviours across these seven domains dependent on the context in which they operate.

Each domain will form the equivalent of one half day session. An online diagnostic will be available which will enable you to evaluate your own competencies and it can also be made available as a 360 degree tool for evaluation by your peers and line managers. You will also be able to measure your progress using national standards for school leaders.

There will be further opportunity for participants to shadow senior lead-ers, leadership teams, headteachers and engage with placement days.

Programme Structure

Day 1
Demonstrating personal qualities and working with others

Day 2
Leading and improving provision

Day 3
Setting direction and creating the vision

Day 4
Delivering the strategy


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